Home Sweet Home 2 - Kitchens and Baths

Home Sweet Home 2 - Kitchens and Baths

This great game allows you to become a real Interior Designer
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Home Sweet Home 2 Kitchens and Baths is a funny and wonderful game that allows you to become a real Interior Designer. Your job in this game is to design kitchens and bathrooms and also manage the builders to finish the construction on time. First, your assistant will provide details about the owner's expectations and needs, or a brief personality description to help you decide what to include and exclude from the house or flat. You will have to choose everything inside: floor and walls, furniture, appliances, curtains, among many other things, but you also will have to adjust your decisions on a budget. When you finish with the design, you must put your workers to work efficiently to finish on time. Sometimes, they will ask you for certain tools such as a hammer, drill, saw, etc. to do their jobs more quickly. They won't resume their activities until you provide them the necessary tools. Also, the workers get tired and you have to give the coffee to wake them up and energize them. The game has more than 50 re-playable levels, unlimited designs, over 300 un-lockable items and achievements, and 12 unique floor plans. The graphics are awesome and the game play is fantastic. If you love design as much as I do, you will never get tired of this game. It supports Windows XP/Vista and the demo lets you play only for 1 hour.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Easy to use. Cool graphics and designs. A lot of levels and hundreds of great items. Very colorful and realistic


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